CCK Pager

Postato da psegno il 25-07-2009 in: drupal

CCK Pager is a Drupal module that allows to page the item list of any CCK field with multiple values.

The module reimplements all the formatters defineds by all the others CCK modules and extends them by paging the field item list; setting the number of elements per page can be made globally or per field.


Example of usage


With CCK Pager, you can create a simple photogallery, here's an example:

  1. enable imagecache module and set a preset for the thumbnails.
  2. enable the lightbox2 module.
  3. create a content type "photogallery" and add a image field with unlimited cardinality.
  4. enable the cck_pager module.
  5. change the display settings of the field by selecting the image formatter "Pager: Lightbox2: [imagecache_preset] -> original".
  6. set the number of items displayed per page globally or for the field.
  7. create a photogallery by inserting how many images you want.

This procedure can be used with all types of CCK field, such as filefield and emfield.

Try out a demonstration